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NEWS for A Brief Moment In Time

The back cover blurb for the print edition:



A Brief Moment In Time is the first in a three book series of short story collections that focuses on that moment when everything changes. A truth to tall tales, the vision a child, the inescapable dark room of the mind, death’s journey, religious loss, truth of oneself, a blind journey to know oneself. The over arching theme of this collection of stories is hard to bring oneself to do, it can be a very scary thing: self discovery. It’s something we all must face now, in the future, or beyond.



A Brief Moment In Time contains nine short stories of one life shattering decision, a moment when everything changes: Brother Eagle/Sister Wolf, Into the Woods, Approaching Rebirth, From His Efforts Come, An Angel’s Kiss, The Goode Student, Good Teachings, Arahant, A Brief Moment In Time, and Tenuous Freedom. A set of stories designed to make the reader contemplate what and when that defining moment might be.


A Brief Moment in Time Cover image

I just got an amazing review from Amos Lassen. The review is titled "That Moment." Here are a couple of quotes from the review,

"I must say I was mesmerized by what I read....," Amos Lassen

"Spencer can very well be at a catalyst for the changing face of the short story. I recommend that you get a copy of the book before he becomes too famous. He has a list of writings that he is working on and I do not think he will be unknown for very long." Amos Lassen

Amos Lassen is a reviewer of books and films of interest to the GLBT and Jewish communities. He manages the Facebook pages Literary Pride and Cinema Pride and the blog Reviews by Amos Lassen where you can read the full review. Click the link here .


A Brief Moment In Time

A Brief Moment in Time Cover Image
A Brief Moment I Time Front and Back Cover Image

Here are the new print and ebook/Kindle covers created by me. the print version will be out soon with an additional story that only appears in print. I will be updateing the eBook/Kindle version at the same time with the new cover.


T.W. Spencer

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