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© 2023 by T. W. Spencer

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An Only Child: a Saeger and Keller mystery thriller

1977:   Rookie officers Saeger and Keller are the first on the scene of the brutal murder of three young men near The Shoe House Ice Cream shop overlooking the Susquehanna river. Edgar Martin of Hellam, PA, is believed to be the perpetrator. Saeger and Keller chase Edgar to the Columbia–Wrightsville Bridge. Their prime suspect jumped, thought dead because no one could survive a fall like that; the shoe house murders remain unsolved.

1990:   Agnes Emig dies suspiciously. Agnes’ thirteen-year-old son, Wilson, is adopted by his best friend’s parents, Karen and Robert Gibson. Bobby is used to being the focus of his parent’s attention, but now he shares that attention with his new brother. Jealousy splinters their friendship, and it’s never the same. Wilson believes Bobby to be his best friend. Bobby’s State Department job takes him to Europe. FBI agent Wilson Gibson lives in Alexandria, VA. Saeger and Keller, now detectives, see similarities to the Hellam murders, but they are inconclusive: Agnes’ murder remains unsolved.

2009:   Now living in France, Bobby receives a desperate call from his mother, Karen, and returns. The brothers travel to York to check on their mother, only to find her dead in the garage. Saeger and Keller are called to the scene. Saeger recognizes the brothers and wonders if there are connections to the past. They realize all is not what it seems when an officer goes missing. The officer is last seen with Bobby. Is Bobby a killer? Saeger wonders how Bobby’s past is informing the present. Keller finds damaging evidence on Wilson. Why does all the other evidence point to Edgar, a man believed dead since 1977? They distrust Wilson, but it is clear to Saeger and Keller they need his help to solve the mystery and stop Bobby from killing again.

© 2023 by T. W. Spencer


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