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The thrilling first installment of the Zephyr: Winds of Change series is coming soon!

Winds of Change

Zephyr Series - Book One

War is coming: a world is about to die...again…but which one?

Two worlds, light years apart. Each has no idea that the other exists. The knowledge of the past has been buried and forgotten, but two know the truth and refuse to speak. They’ve chosen to sit back and watch as billions are slaughtered.

On Earth:

Director Mason Sisson knows all the secrets; he should have lived long enough. But his future is threatened when they discover a derelict generation ship by what should have been Earth's first foray into interstellar space. Earth’s new FTL ship is on its maiden mission, and the crew of the Expedition makes the discovery of a lifetime: this is not the first time Humans have traveled beyond their home solar system. Now, Director Sisson has some secrets of his own to answer for.

After reporting to Earth Command, the Expedition crew must deal with the political fallout. Kali, the daughter of a powerful senator, is caught up in the political and familial intrigue. Kali is thrust into a Captain’s chair before she is ready.

She hasn’t earned her commission but is determined to be the best at her new job. Her first command has her heading to a previously unknown planet: Zephyr. She must earn her crew's trust and respect before they arrive. Her self-doubt will start a war with the rogue planet before she can bring it under Earth’s command and control.

On Zephyr:

Cambia, suffering silently over losing his husband while exploring a deserted section of the desert city, discovers Fallon (an alien creature who has lived for over a thousand years and used to be human). Fallon is put in a holding cell but gets free. Now Cambia and his PAC are on a cat-and-mouse hunt for the creature.

The Great Mother, Gaia, wants every man to remember. Many things have been lost to or altered by history, the origin of man, the fear of creatures from childhood myths, and where the children come from; all that will change soon.

Eddy and Cack live in an outpost commune near the Great Forest’s edge. From their perspective, this is the most dangerous location on the planet. It is a place where they must endure frequent sandstorms, Vampire Monkeys and Dingo attacks, and social upheaval.

The androids of Highmount are prepared to attack all who hinder their progress. They have their orders, and the only acceptable outcome is a complete success, but there is a cost.


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