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© 2023 by T. W. Spencer

Winds of Change

Zephyr Series - Book One


Coming January 2021


War is in the air. The world is about to die...again.


Two worlds, light years apart. Each has no idea that the other exists. The knowledge of the past has been forgotten, but there are two who know the truth.


On Earth Director Mason Sisson knows all the secrets; he should, he’s lived long enough. But when the discovery of a derelict generation ship by what should have been Earth's first foray into deep space his future is threatened. Earth’s new FTL ship, The Expedition, on its maiden mission, makes the discovery of a lifetime: Humans have traveled beyond their home solar system. Director Sisson has some secrets of his own to answer for.


On Zephyr, The Great Mother, Gaia, wants every man to remember. There are many things that have been lost to or altered by history, the origin of man, the fear of creatures that were considered childhood myths, and where the children come from; all that will change, soon.


Buy the thrilling first installment of the Zephyr series Winds of Change.


© 2023 by T. W. Spencer

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