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A Brief Moment in Time book cover
A Brief Moment in Time

ISBN-13- 978-1505434941

A Brief Moment In Time is the first in a three book series of short story collections that focuses on that moment when everything changes. It contains nine short stories of one life shattering moment.


An Angel’s Kiss: Kelly fights horrors of an abusive relationship through the death of a young girl.

The Goode Student: Michelle, blinded by her pious view, loses her religion.

Good Teachings: Nicolas learns about his true nature the hard way.

From His Efforts Come: Twins separated at birth discover each other.

Rebirth: Vidor discovers the true nature of his new body.

Into the Woods: The world is about to die, again.

Brother Eagle/Sister Wolf: Dexter discovers the truth behind tall tales.

Arahant: Soon-kim deals with the pain of the past through a visible future.

A Brief Moment In Time: Sutepmi goes back in time and finds he is not who he thought.


-fiction, speculative fiction, LGBT, fantasy, myth, religion, Science fiction, author,  speculative fiction LGBT, fantasy myth religion

Praise for A Brief Moment in Time from Writer, Editor, and Reviewer Amos Lassen:

“I must say I was mesmerized by what I read...Spencer can very well be a catalyst for the changing face of the short story. I recommend getting a copy of the book before he becomes too famous...I do not think he will be unknown for very long.”

© 2023 by T. W. Spencer

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