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Science fiction, Fantasy, speculative fiction LGBT, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, Religious fantasy, myth, religion, religious mythology, fairytale, belief, youth subculture, religious Sci-Fi, Afrofuturism, Afrocentric, Afro fantastic, Astro-blackness, Creolization, Cybertrap, Dieselfunk, ethno-gothic, angels, demons, dragons, ghost, spirit, deities, god, G-D, pantheon, psychic, vampire, shapeshifter, witch, wizard, warlock, druid, shaman, A.I., artificial intelligence, aliens, clones, pirates, privateer, robots, androids, horror, mystery, cozy mystery, thriller, chiller, suspense, Arthurian, metaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritual, myths & legends, Greek, roman, Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Olympus, superhero, quest, invasion, colonization, first contact, Galactic Empire, empire, republic, genes, metaphysical, visionary, theology, spiritual, fleet, starship, troop, armor, marine, soldier, Space Exploration, amateur detective, British detective, FBI, police, private investigator, murder, serial killer, vigilante justice, dark & disturbing, scary, vengeful, mysteries in space, paranormal, vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, assassin, hitman, Cryo-Ship, Cybernetic Revolt, Cyborg, deep space, Colony world, FTL, force fields, energy shields, generation ship, hyperspace, intergalactic, interplanetary, interstellar, null space, z-space, parallel worlds, planets, quantum slip stream, SF, sci-fi, star base, space station, star empire, star ship, sub-space, terraforming, time paradox, time travel, tractor beam, hovercraft, hovercar, trans-human, utopian, utopian societies, hyper drive, quantum drive, star drive, tale, epic, legend, scroll, fable, lore, saga.

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