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A Brief Moment in Time

ISBN-13- 978-1505434941

A Brief Moment In Time is the first in a three book series of short story collections that focuses on that moment when everything changes. It contains nine short stories of one life shattering moment.


An Angel’s Kiss: Kelly fights horrors of an abusive relationship through the death of a young girl.

The Goode Student: Michelle, blinded by her pious view, loses her religion.

Good Teachings: Nicolas learns about his true nature the hard way.

From His Efforts Come: Twins separated at birth discover each other.

Rebirth: Vidor discovers the true nature of his new body.

Into the Woods: The world is about to die, again.

Brother Eagle/Sister Wolf: Dexter discovers the truth behind tall tales.

Arahant: Soon-kim deals with the pain of the past through a visible future.

A Brief Moment In Time: Sutepmi goes back in time and finds he is not who he thought.

Only Child - Book 1 Cover.jpg
An Only Child: Only Child Trilogy


Coming September 2020, available August 2020 for preorder at select digital retailers!


An Only Child is the first of the Only Child Trilogy


Set mainly in York, PA., the story is told through multiple viewpoints, although the main protagonist is Wilson Gibson.

Wilson Gibson must confront past demons, present mistakes, and an uncertain future, an act that will open wounds that can’t heal. Wilson Gibson, currently living in Alexandria, VA., is estranged from his only sibling – a brother named Bobby. Bobby visits expressing concern about their mother. The hatred Bobby feels toward his makes him easy prey for manipulation. Together they drive to York to see her. Once there, they discover Karen’s house ransacked and Karen’s dead body.

Hellum Township, September of 1964, the front door of a small ranch style house opens. Sixteen-year-old Edgar Martin storms out. "WHY! Why did you do it?" Edgar yells at his parents. His mother, a red-haired woman, eight months pregnant, stands in the doorway staring after him. Edgar’s father, Clayton Martin, appears behind her. That evening Edgar watches as the couple eats dinner. The couple is dead before dessert and Edgar has disappeared.

Many years pass. It isn’t a chance that both Edgar’s and Bobby’s reappearance has coincided. What is Edgar’s connection to the brothers?

Detective Slegher, a senior York City Police detective, suspects the bothers in Karen’s death. Even though there have been several unexplained murders in York and the Gibson murder is similar. When one of the YCPD’s own goes missing, all evidence points to Bobby. Wilson must prove Bobby’s innocence. As Detective Slegher grows closer, and Bobby’s plan comes to light, Wilson must face the truth and stop Bobby.

Unknown to them all standing in the shadows, Edgar, like a master puppeteer, waits with true revelations.

The Color of Life.jpg
Compartmental Lives Collection

Compartment 1:      A Frigid Heart

Compartment 2:     An Angry Woman

Compartment 3:     A Folly of Regret

Compartment 4:     The Inertia of Fear

Compartment 5:     A Sharpened Blade

Beginning August 2020


Every woman has a story.


Cooper Ross: Writer, early victim to AIDS. His Living Will summons five women.


Mary-Jane: haunted by their failed relationship and her selfish act done in the shadow of Roe vs. Wade.

Freddy: a fellow writer tormented by her weight. Their last meeting set her on the perilous road to heart attack. In body Freddy survived, her spirit and desire to write are lost.

Wilma: Cooper – her great love, watching him die is too much to bear. Their miscegenational relationship bore them a son; who is the victim of retaliation for her politics.

Jemma: Cooper infected her late brother Clarence; he took his life so the disease couldn’t. In Jemma’s opinion Cooper’s a murderer. Reluctantly she nurse’s Cooper in his final days.

Kayla: Cooper’s cousin, she has changed much over the years. As Cooper succumbs to the disease, Kayla’s questions the choices she’s made and needs to make.


Five women: their task; hasten death or let Cooper’s suffer as they have suffered.

Winds of Change

Zephyr Series - Book One


Coming January 2021


War is in the air. The world is about to die...again.


Two worlds, light years apart. Each has no idea that the other exist. The knowledge of the past has been forgotten, but there are two who know the truth.


On Earth Director Mason Sisson knows all the secrets; he should, he’s lived long enough. But when the discovery of a derelict generation ship by what should have been Earth's first foray into deep space his future is threatened. Earth’s new FTL ship, The Expedition, on its maiden mission makes the discovery of a lifetime: Human’s have traveled beyond their home solar system. Director Sisson has some secrets of his own to answer for.


On Zephyr The Great Mother, Gaia, wants every man on to remember. There are many things that have been lost to or altered by history, the origin of man, the fear of creatures that were considered childhood myths, where the children come from; all that will change, soon.


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